Eating the Same Cereal ?

Real Estate

You know what’s great for your creativity?

Doing the same thing every day.  Ya know, like the definition of insanity... doing the same thing over and over and expecting a new result.  Or something of the sort. 

Getting up at the same time, eating the same cereal, saying hi, how are you to the same people, sitting at the same desk, writing the same birthday greeting on everyone’s Facebook wall.

And, of course, giving the same reply whenever someone asks what’s new:

“I don’t know, nothing much. Just work. Life. You know. The yooj.” (Or however you’re supposed to abbreviate “the usual”.)

I’m sorry, did I say this was great for your creativity? Typo. I meant “total shit.”

What’s great is doing something NEW. Each. and. Every. DAY.

Like, say, working with a new client, working to perfect a skill or talent, creating new goals-small, medium, or extra large, paying it forward in the Starbucks line, providing encouragement to random strangers, volunteering for a fundraiser or charity, take a ride on a Vespa, or whatever you can dream up, you name it. The sky’s the Limit. Just Do it.

The imagination can create the most drool-worthy path to success when you step into action. The things that inspire you the most are the things you should do and share your experience with friends, family and strangers. We, as humans, thrive on motivation and success stories. But be careful… success can be highly contagious!

And create work you’ll look at later and be like, “I accomplished that? Damn that’s good?

If it’s not for you, that’s cool. But do something new. Or at least try a new cereal.


I would love to hear your success story’s in 2017, please do tell !