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Are you on the fence for any reason about buying or selling a home, we'd love to help you get off it.  

Indecision is a dream killer.

Fences hurt your butt.


Attention Home Buyers.

Have you experienced a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy more than 24 months ago?  Do you wish to become a home owner again? First time buyers okay to participate.

The best purchase program in America is available to you. The program is both comprehensive housing counseling and access to an incredible mortgage options. Everyone receives the same incredible terms and below market interest rate. The program has over $13 Billion committed from some the country’s largest lenders on the following terms:

  • No down payment
  • Below market 30 & 15 year fixed rate mortgage
  • No closing costs
  • Unprecedented buy-down to virtually 0%
  • No points
  • No fees
  • No PMI
  • Single Family Residential, Condo, Town home, New Construction, Multi-units, mixed use (residential & commercial)
  • Rehab funds within the same low interest rate loan. Up to 110% of ARV available for renovations

The program makes affordable homeownership a real option for working people many of whom have neither perfect credit nor substantial savings. While the purchase program mission is to provide affordable homeownership to primary low- to moderate-income people and those purchasing low and income communities, the program is open to everyone. There is no eligibility limitation based on one’s income, credit score or other criteria as long as the following four eligibility are criteria are met.

  1. Properties must be located in areas where the program provides services which are large areas nationwide including many states.
  2. The purchase price must be less than the maximum purchase price which is sufficiently high for low and moderate income buyers and those looking to purchase affordable properties.
  3. Home buyer must not own another property when they close on the mortgage.
  4. Home buyer's need to participate in whatever way they feel comfortable and to adhere to policies and procedures.

Call me today to get on your way to home ownership, Deanna Johnson, Simply Vegas 702-219-1317.  


Attention Sellers:

Why didn't your home sell?

1. Was it lack of exposure? Did you have many showings and at least one broker preview within the first two weeks of your listing?
2. Did your last agent discuss buyer demographics with you for your neighborhood? Who was your home marketed to?
3. How did your home compare to the other homes you were competing against?
4. Did your previous agent offer to show you the competition?
5. How did the price of your home compare to others in your marketplace?
6. Did your agent discuss staging techniques with you to maximize your price?
7. What type of exposure and internet presence did your home have?
8. Did your last agent call you every week with a progress report and feedback from the agents and the buyers?
9. Did you have an extensive marketing plan in place to sell your home?
10. Do you know why other homes that were on the market the same time as your did sell?
Call or text me today for your Free Market Analysis and lets get your home SOLD!